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Brick by Brick at Washington Lee

On 9/24/18, the ACE Mentor team at Washington Lee High School completed the Brick-by-Brick construction project simulation activity. This activity is a 90-minute competition between teams of 3-4 students who assume the roles of project manager, superintendent, and laborer(s) to build a Lego building while utilizing real world construction software (Procore). Six sets of the game were donated to the ACE mentor program of DC by Procore in order to teach the students about construction and the jobs involved in completing a project. During the activity, each person had a role with specific tasks to complete during each “day” and “night” of construction, ranging from paying employees, to filling out daily reports, to actually building the Lego structure. To conclude the activity, teams are judged on accuracy of the building, completion ahead of schedule, and budget. Overall, it was a very successful activity that helped to teach the students more about the roles in construction and about potential future career opportunities for them.

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