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2023 ACE DC
Gingerbread Design & Build
Competition Guidelines

After you register HERESubmit your Entry Photos HERE by 12/13

  • This competition is open to ACE DC mentors, Alumni, board members, sponsor firms, friends and family of ACE! (School teams will get separate information about how to compete in the competition.)


  • Timeline

    • Registration & Sponsorship Opportunities Closes: Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

    • Final Submissions with Photos Due: Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

    • Popular Vote Time Frame: December 15th to January 10th, 2024  

      • Popular Vote will be posted on our site by December 15th and all teams will be notified when the vote is open. Anyone can donate $1 per vote...the teams with the most funds raised win!


  • Team Information:

    • Maximum team size is 5 people

    • Firms can have multiple teams...and they can compete against each other!

    • Teams can be composed of firm employees, friends and/or family

  • Suggested Gingerbread Budget : $80- $100 max 

  • Gingerbread Footprint/Base Maximum Size: 11 inches x 17 inches (Base does not have to be edible)

  • All components of the structure (less the footprint/base) must be edible! They can include but are not limited to:​

    • Store-bought gingerbread kits

    • home-made gingerbread

    • Icing

    • Candy

    • Marshmallows

    • Pretzels

    • Cookies/ Brownies

    • Rice Krispy treats

    • Graham crackers

    • anything edible!

  • Each team will create a design based on this years' Categories:

    1. Recreate a national or international monument

    2. Build a structure/building of the future

    3. Construct one of your firm’s projects

      • For alumni, or friends and family teams: replace this category with your favorite local building​​

  • Provide three (3) pictures of your structure (no people in the photos, please!) along with your team name, category, and title for your structure, by December 13th, 2023.

    • Submission information will be provided

  • Note: All activities can be performed either in-person or virtually; this is at the discretion of the project team and should adhere to any applicable COVID/pathogen protocol established by your authority having jurisdiction.

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