This winter, ACE DC is getting a little sweeter!

2021 ACE DC
Gingerbread Design & Build Competition

Inspired by our student and mentor Gingerbread Design Competition in 2019, we've decided to raise the stakes and open the competition to the ACE DC Community! Get ready to have some fun in a sweet and friendly Gingerbread Design and Build Competition, while helping raise funds for ACE DC programming and scholarships.

Bring your gingerbread house kit, some edible elements and join ACE DC as we

Plan It!


Design It!


Build it!


Fund it!


Win it!



November 8-December 10

Get Started and Plan it!

Create your team with co-workers, some friends or even your family!

Entry cost for a team of 5 participants is $200. Additionally, your team is responsible for purchasing gingerbread house kits and supplies (max spent on build items should be around $50-$60). When you register, you'll receive access to suggested kits available at local retail sorts, recipes and other suggestions!

Are you an ACE DC Alumni currently enrolled in school or a vocational program?  Create a team and just pay the cost for supplies! 

(Please note: This is a fully virtual ACE DC event that can be accomplished with teams working together remotely. However we know many offices are open for in person work. If your team chooses to meet in person for any portion of this competition, you assume responsibility for following all office and/or CDC guidelines regarding Covid safety.)

December 6-December 10

Design It!

Get your team ready for Design Week!

Our Gingerbread competition is inspired by the CIRT National Design Competition that ACE Students across the country participate in each year. Your teams will have 3 categories to choose from as the inspiration for your edible creations. After you register, we will provide a full overview of the competitions rules and guidance. Awards will be given to the top entries in each category!

2021 Gingerbread Design and Build Competition Prompts:  

  1. Re-imagine or re-design a school (or part of one) to meet the sweet needs of students and staff 

  2. Put your own tasty twist on an existing monument...or design your own National (edible) Memorial. 

  3. Build a sustainable, eco-friendly, and of course delicious house!  

While certainly not required, we encourage your team to spend time this week sketching out design options and finalizing your design plan. Our ACE Students will be doing the same thing this week! We hope you will submit your design plan (whether hand sketches or digital versions) when you submit your final project photo submission. We want to see your vision and decide if you nailed it! 

December 10-December 17

Build It!

It's Build Week...Put your team's design to work and BUILD IT using gingerbread and other edible ingredients. Don't forget to review the Rules and Design Guidance HERE!

Please also try to stick to the budget...While we won't be asking for submission of receipts and inventories, we are asking teams to stick with a budget of around $60.

Your team will have one week to build their design. After completion of your final project you will submit 3-5 pictures of your final project, along with options to include your design plan and/or a few sentences describing your entry! 


As a reminder, this is a virtual ACE DC event. We have provided a week for building so teams can work individually, either by having one person execute the design concepts suggested by the team,, or passing the building around for individuals to work on in phases. However, we know many offices are open for in person work and may choose to work on the project together. If your team chooses to work in person, you assume responsibility for following all CDC guidelines regarding Covid safety.)  


December 17th-January 6th

Fund it!

Once your edible building is complete, you can now use it to help us FUNDRAISE for ACE and compete for the coveted PEOPLE'S CHOICE Award! We will upload your team's photo submissions onto  your team fundraising page. Your team members have the option to share this page via email and social media to encourage friends, families and co-workers to vote. Each vote is $1 and the teams with the most votes (and funds raised) wins the Poplar Vote Category! The best part is knowing all funds raised go towards ACE DC programming and scholarships. 

January 7th

Win it!

Teams have the opportunity to win the following recognitions:

Judges' Choice:

First, Second and Third place in each of the design categories.

People's Choice:

First, Second and Third place based on total votes (and overall funds raised).

ACE DC Student Teams Judge's Choice:

First, Second, and third place overall.