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ACE DC Application Overview

Applications Due March 23rd at 8pm!

The ACE DC Scholarship is open to any high school SENIOR actively participating in an ACE DC program. Active is defined by being registered in the database, a signed parent consent on file, and verification from your mentors that you've been attending sessions. 

Only students who are active in the database may access the application (you must have completed your registration and submitted a signed parent consent form) You also must be actively participating on an ACE team, as verified by the mentor letter of recommendation. 

Scholarships are awarded to qualified applicants who will be pursuing a collegiate major or vocational program in an Architectural, Engineering or Construction related field. If you apply and state a non ACE intended major on your application, you will  be asked to complete an additional essay. If you aren't sure about your intended major, please email know there are lots of majors that could lead to a career in the building and design industry!

The award is issued in 2 installment (once each academic year for 2 years) and winners will be required to verify their chosen course of study is A/C/E related when requesting disbursement of funds. Please note, if you are awarded a scholarship and the intended major you stated on your application changes during your disbursement period, ACE DC may ask for a written explanation if the major is not ACE related, and reserves the right to not award the disbursement for non ACE related majors.

Applications will only be considered when complete! If you are missing any information or required attachment, the committee will not consider your application. YOU MUST HAVE AN ACE MENTOR LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION.  Prior to submitting, review the Application Student Guide, which outlines all the requirements.  Please make sure you've checked every part of the application before submitting (i.e. SAT/ACT Scores, Mentor & Teacher Recommendation Requirement, Essay word limit, Official Transcripts, etc.)

Award amounts are determined by the scholarship committee, and will be announced prior to the Scholarship Breakfast. 

Winners are encouraged to attend the ACE DC Scholarship Breakfast on April 26th - parents/guardians are invited to join you!! 

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