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Team leaders can submit reimbursements for session supplies. 

Supplies include small supplies for sessions, snacks and pizza (depending on team size). Teams have a budget of $500. For larger expenses, please email with details and the board will review the request. 

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Field Trips

Field Trips

Teams must notify the Affiliat Director about a  a field trip 3 weeks in advance. This is just to make sure we have time to get all the necessary paperwork completed and check database status!

Students need to be in the ACE database with an ACE Consent. Students ALSO must provide a signed field trip permission slip (found HERE)

and any paperwork for the site visits. 

As a reminder, ACE doesn't provide transportation to field trips - if this is an issue, please email. 

ACE Database

Check team lists

Prior to each session, Team leaders must check the list of approved mentors and students in the database. 

By Early March, all students who are active must be noted in order to participate in the Student Presentation Nights

Students who aren't in the database without a signed consent on file CANNOT attend ACE sessios. 

All ACE Mentors must be approved to attend sessios (please check with ACE DC about new mentors)

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Mentor Tools

ACE Mentor Tools

There are a ton of resources on ACE National's Tools site - 

Please log into your ACE profile and check the menu on the left - you will see ACE Mentor Tools and will find the log in information. 

Please check out these resources - there are activities, videos and mentor trainings!

Student Presentation Night

Student Presentation Night

  • RFP for this year can be found at

  • Virginia Presentation Night will be 4/25 at US Patent and Trade Office in Alexandria

  • Md/DC Presentation Night will be 5/2 at Smith Group's offices in DC

  • Student status must be finalized in the database by early March to attend!

  • Times and Locations for each event can be found HERE

Register Team

Register Team

Please register your team for the 2023-2024 Team!

Complete for this year
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