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2021 ACE DC
Gingerbread Design & Build
Mentor/Student Teams Competition Guidelines

  • This competition is open to ACE DC Student Teams. If your school doesn't have an active ACE DC team, but did have an active team during the 2020-2021 program year, you are still eligible to participate. 

  • Teams may use the kits provided by ACE DC. Each team will be provided 10 kits. Teams can work as a whole on one large design, have each student work on their own project or work in teams. It is entirely up to the team.   

  • The “footprint” (i.e. base) of your edible model should be no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches. 

  • Teams can cut the gingerbread pieces as they choose- and “glue” them together as they choose (as long as the glue is edible!) 

  • While we won’t be asking for receipts or inventory, in order to keep things fair, we are asking teams to stick with a budget around $40. You can certainly be creative with your edible supplies, and students can bring in items from home or have items donated. (Think of leftover halloween candy!)

  • All parts of the final product must be edible (except the board that the project rests on). 

  • Design concepts and images are not required elements for submission, but are highly encouraged! Perhaps consider submitting a short narrative of the thought and inspiration behind your final project.

  • Upon completion, teams will take 4-5 pictures of their project (no people in the photos please) and send them to ACE DC. These will be uploaded onto team pages, which individuals can share on social media to raise votes (and funds). More information will be provided on how to create and access team fundraising pages during Design Week.

  • ACE DC will send information on sharing the social media links, as well as information for thsoe teams who want to participate in the fundraising aspect of the competition.   

  • Photos must be submitted by December 17 at 5pm. Please note, teams can work on their Build project anytime before December 17th, and are not required to only work on it during Build Week. The only firm deadlines are that teams must register by December 10th and photos of final projects must be submitted by December 17th.