Virtual Conference

ACE DC is Going Virtual

Bringing the ACE DC Mentor Experience to a Screen Near You!

Join a school or county based team to engage in "virtually live" interactive team meetings every other week. On alternating weeks will host Affiliate-wide webinars, which will be recorded and available for offline viewing. 

Can't Join us for live programming? Join our ACE@Home team and participate in ACE on your time, with online mentor feedback and interaction!


What will we do?

Students participating in ACE DC "Virtually Live" will meet in small teams with mentor architects, engineers and contractors to learn about the building and design industry and engage in hands on activities. Virtual sessions will include a brief introduction to an ACE topic followed by hands on activities and design challenges. All lessons can be attended via chromebook, phone, tablet or PC and materials used will be common household items. (Platform used will be determined by each team)

On alternating weeks students can join our optional All Affiliate Webinars for exciting and engaging opportunities, such as a virtual construction tour or sketch up tutorial.  

CLICK HERE to learn more about this year's programming. 

For Students doing ACE@Home they will engage in similar activities, all of which are pre-recorded, on their own time and at their own pace.  They will complete design challenges and receive mentor feedback. 

When Do we meet?

Students will meet with their teams VIRTUALLY LIVE every other week at a day and time agreed upon by the team. These sessions will occur after-school or in the evening, and will last about 45 minutes. If  your school has club time, we might even meet then! Our Virtually Live sessions will not be recorded. However, mentors will work with students to complete the activities offline if needed! 

On alternating weeks,  ACE DC will host affiliate wide LIVE webinars for all students in ACE DC. While these will be live, they will be recorded and made available for offline viewing. These sessions will also be about 45 minutes.   

If a student participates in ACE@Home, students will work at their own pace and will engage with mentors via google classroom.  All sessions are pre-recorded with follow up design challenges. Students will submit their work for mentor feedback every other week. Students will also be able to participate in the All Affiliate Webinars and engage in discussions in google classroom. 


Who's on my Team?

Over the years, ACE DC has met in schools across the DMV region. While we know that virtual mentoring ins't quite the same as in person, we still want to keep the same after-school feel to our sessions.  So it's our hope that most teams this year will be 'school based.' With  enough interested students and a committed teacher from one school, a Team will consist of classmates, ACE mentors and a Lead Teacher.  

If there aren't enough students at your school to form a team, no problem! We will group students by County. This could be a great way to get to know students beyond your school, or introduce ACE DC to schools we haven't yet reached! 

We know that virtual platforms with large groups can be a challenge, so we hope to keep the teams small! 

If you can't meet with a live team, or there are not enough interested students in your county, you can join an  ACE@Home team. CLICK HERE to learn more!

How do I Join?

All students will need to register at

Prior to being assigned a team, you will need to make sure you have a signed parent consent completed. 

Once registered, ACE DC will send a follow up email with a link to complete a team placement form. There, you can let us know if you want to be placed on a virtually live team or be a part of ACE@Home. 

Most programming will begin mid to late October, but teams are forming now! 

Register today!