Covid 19 Protocols for in person sessions
Please note, there are BOTH ACE National Protocols and ACE DC Protocols.  Participants must be aware of both (read entire page!) These will be updated as needed (last updated 1/25/22)

ACE National Requirements for In Person Meetings 

  1. The following are the necessary steps that we anticipate requiring for in-person meetings.  ACE affiliates will ensure the following protocols are in place for meetings with students. These protocols would remain in place until further notice.  

  2.  Proof of Vaccination is required for all mentors* participating in in-person sessions. (includes a booster) 

  3. Masks required for all participants.  

  4. Meetings may take place at schools or offices. ALL ACE Mentor protocols, in addition to that of the meeting site, must be followed by all participants.   

  5. Signed waivers must have been received from all participants via electronic signature.  

  6. Letters to be sent home to parents explaining the waiver process, the waivers, and the safety protocols.  

  7. At each mentoring session there is to be a sign in sheet where everyone attending provides a phone number and email address and confirms no symptoms or recent exposure. 

  8. Distribute exposure protocols (here below) to all team leaders.   

  9. If the relevant protocols are not followed, mentors are to provide a warning to the students. If protocols continue to be unmet, mentors are to bring mentoring sessions to a close. 

  10. If meeting location or school moves to virtual formats due to COVID, ACE programs must also move to virtual platforms.  


  School Based Meetings (additional requirements) 

  1.  Affiliates must confirm that the school will allow outside visitors on school grounds. 

  2. Affiliates must have received a copy of the COVID protocols being applied by the school and have made arrangements for prompt notification should the school’s protocols change.   

  3. All protocols in place at the school location must be followed. If locations are requiring confirmation of vaccination, affiliates will need to present proof of compliance with vaccination requirements by mentors.  

  4. Determine all governmental requirements. 

  5. Confirm that mentors are allowed and comfortable going into schools (it is foreseeable that not every mentor will be allowed or comfortable).  ACE will be guided by the preferences of mentors should they choose to be more conservative than these protocols require, including reverting to remote mentoring where prudent. 


COVID Isolation/Quarantine Guidelines (ACE National) Notifications 

For the safety of the ACE community, please monitor your group’s health by confirming each participate has not been exposed in the past 14 days and has no symptoms.  Confirmation should be recorded in the daily attendance log. 

  • Common symptoms of COVID-19 include: 

  • Fever or chills 

  • Cough 

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

  • Fatigue 

  • Muscle or body aches 

  • Headache 

  • New loss of taste or smell 

  • Sore throat 

  • GI Distress 

  • Please refer to the CDC website for a full list of symptoms.  

 If an ACE participant tests positive for COVID and they have been in close contact with other ACE participants in the last 14 days, the team lead should notify participants via email and/or phone call within 24 hours. Also, please notify the national office at or regional director. 

 For additional contact tracing guidelines, please refer to the CDC website.  

 For vaccinated Individuals (greater than 2 weeks out after completing the full series) 

  • Do not need to quarantine if negative.  

  • Fully vaccinated people should get tested 3-5 days after their exposure, even if they don’t have symptoms and wear a mask indoors in public for 5 days following exposure or until their test result is negative. 

  • Isolate for 5 days if they test positive for COVID. 



ACE DC Additional Guidelines for Return to In Person Programming 

  • If a school is permitting in person after school programming, ACE DC will permit in person programming accordingly. If a school is not permitting in person after school programming, that team will either meet virtual or hybrid. 

  • Principals will be required to sign off on ACE DC starting in person programming. ACE DC will confirm with the principals covid protocols and exposure notification procedures.  

  • Volunteers are required to follow school Covid protocols in addition to ACE protocols.  Each volunteer will be provided a link to the school/county protocols. Team leaders must check in with teachers prior to each session to ensure there have been no changes in Covid Protocols 

  • Number of students permitted to attend in person sessions to allow for appropriate social distancing will be determined by the teacher/school. If a team is too large, students must alternate in person and virtual sessions.  

  • All Mentors must be fully Vaccinated, which includes a Booster (as required by ACE National) 

  • Face masks required at all times. 

  • Activities must be mindful of social distancing requirements in accordance with school protocols 

  • No food or drink during sessions. Consider having snack bags and drinks for students on the way out. 

  • Volunteers, Teachers and parents will all be required to sign a covid waiver, which will also outline exposure protocols.  

  • Volunteers, students and teachers will be required to sign in to each session, affirming they do not have covid symptoms nor have they been exposed in the last 14 days. Team leaders will be responsible for maintaining this document (see ACE National Guidelines for further details) 



ACE DC Exposure Protocol (volunteers will first comply with school requirements regarding reporting covid exposure).  

  1. Students, Mentors, teachers and guest speakers who have attended an ACE session in the last 14 days who test positive for Covid 19 will report within 24 hours of receiving the test results. Participants must notify the Affiliate Leader, Team Leader and Teacher via email. Date of positive test and date of last session attended must be provided. 

  2. Affiliate leader and Team Leader will work with the teacher/school to determine next steps, in accordance with school and county covid policies.  

  3. Affiliate Leader will notify ACE Regional Director. 

  4. In most cases, the school will take the lead in determining close contacts and any necessary notifications to parents, students, mentors or relevant agencies. If the school does not assume this responsibility, the Affiliate Leader, after consultation with ACE Regional Director and teacher, will notify the appropriate people deemed to be close contacts. 

  5. If the school does not assume responsibility for the exposure procedures and notifications, ACE will determine which (if any) close contacts needs to be notified. No personal information will be shared in any potential notification. Date of positive test and date student/mentor last attended an ACE session will be provided. Again, If the school issues this notice on ACE’s behalf, or determines notice is not required, ACE will not provide said notice.