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Scholarship Application Deadline extended to April 20th!

Due to the various closures and impacts of the COVID-19 virus, the ACE DC scholarship Committee is updating the deadline for the scholarship application. At this time, applications are due April 20th.

Since we are aware that many students do not have access to computers and/or internet while schools and libraries are closed, we will be mailing a paper version of the application to all active seniors, using the information provided when registering in the database. If you If you have not received the paper version and need to complete this version, please email us at Guidance on how to complete and submit the application will be provided with the paper application materials.

If you do have access to the online application, our request is that you complete it online. (The online version can be completed on your phone too!) We will extend the time for submission of official transcripts, as well as teacher letters of recommendation. If you don't have a mentor letter of recommendation, we will ask you to provide the name of your mentor and we will coordinate with your mentor to obtain the letter of recommendation.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know!