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Our 2019 Mentor of the Year is....

Jennifer Greenawalt of Thortnon Tomasetti and Co-lead mentor at Washington Lee!

Jennifer is an ACE success story. She participated in ACE in high-school, won an ACE scholarship, pursued a degree in engineering, and upon getting her first job, immediately got involved in ACE DC as a mentor!

During her 4 years as an ACE mentor, she willingly took on the role of Lead Mentor, grew her team of students from about 6 to over 30 (the largest team since ACE began at Washington Lee in 2011). To support this growth, Jen has recruited a diverse group of mentors – and successfully supports and guides them through ACE. What comprises her greatest contribution to our affiliate, is that her team represents our affiliate in the ACE CIRT National Design competition. This is a challenging event, with a very tight timeline for our affiliate. In entering each year, Jen and her team inspire other ACE DC teams. We are always so proud of their efforts. More impressively, she and her fellow mentors are able to keep their students engaged after the CIRT submission, and join us at our local Student Presentation Night (where they have placed second for two years in a row!).

The Washington Lee team, under her and co –leader Jonathon Hrehor’s guidance – continues to thrive and is a well known program at their school. Each year, students thank Jennfier and her fellow mentors for their wonderful ACE experiences. When students keep returning, year after year, you know you are doing something right as a mentor!

Congratulations Jennifer!

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